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Photo: Reverend Robert Schloegel

Broadcasting the gospel of Jesus Christ to eighty nations weekly! Areas targeted; Africa, Israel, and the Middle East.  RSM was established 501{c} 3 in 1992, as a pastoral ministry, in Honolulu, HI.  Since year 2000, our mandate is to dominate the airwaves with the gospel, at home and abroad.  Reverend Schloegel is a "Christ for the nations" {Dallas, 1984} graduate and has served as a missionary to Canberra, Australia.  Prior to 1992, Brother Robert served as full-time staff with the largest {at that time} spirit-filled church in the state, as well as the largest Word of Faith church in Hawaii.  With last days anointed ministries there is a price to pay,  especially television ministry.  Today, in his God-ordained office {s}  of ministry {Ephesians 4:11}, Brother Schloegel is anointed as a teacher with prophetic giftings, who delights to encourage and instruct people {great and small alike} with the word of God, bringing peace and victory! Like the Bible... if you study this web site carefully and prayerfully... you will understand our heart and our vision.


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